One Long Lap

November 01, 2014

Well, I spent all this effort making a fancy site, but then failed to write content for it. It’s been nearly a year since I re-launched my site and wrote my last post.

Paris Tuileries Garden Facepalm statue

I’ve had plenty of thoughts and things to say in that time, but I guess I’ve been too busy to sit down and write. Some points of interest:

1. A new job

Since I last wrote, I started a new (and awesome!) job as a software engineer at Bazaarvoice.

We build an insanely cool platform around user generated review content for brands and retailers. You’ve probably used our software while shopping online.

I’m very grateful for my colleagues and all the things I get to learn each day.

2. A new app

I’ve been made responsible for re-writing a server-rendered dashboard as a single-page, client-side application.

It’s in production now with a core set of functionality. We’re transitioning the rest of the old pages as needed, and adding new features only to the new app.

Most of my teammates had not worked much with SPAs, so it’s up to me to design ours to be easy to learn, and help my teammates ramp up and contribute to the project.

This has been a fantastic experience (with all the ups and downs) in application design, transitioning a legacy codebase, and teaching. I feel very lucky.

3. Many new experiences

Life has been good. I moved back to Austin for 3 months while ramping up at Bazaarvoice with the incredible team there.

Then I moved back to SF. Then to Berkeley.

All the way it’s been non-stop — new job, new places, friends, family, fun — I’m loving it.

4. Another new site

I was staying with my brother in Austin and built him a website:

Another simple, easily maintainable and deployable static site. I’m pondering open-sourcing that one as well.

5. A new commitment

I’m going to push myself here, publicly, and commit to writing at least one new post every month.

More is better, but I’ve never been very good at blogging consistently.

Expect technical and non-technical posts somewhat regularly.

So that’s that. Time to get back on this horse.

Image Credit: “Paris Tuileries Garden Facepalm statue” by Alex E. Proimos - Licensed under CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

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