I love connecting the dots between different aspects of computing and software development. I find that web development hits a sweet spot for me in the way it challenges me to constantly learn and improve.


My first experience with code was nearly 20 years ago — I had my first paid programming gig at the age of 15.

In college, I focused on the influence of technology on human evolution in terms of biology (mainly neurobiology and genetics) and society over the last ~150,000 years.

After school I founded Zip Eyewear to deliver progressive technology to a niche market. My company was ultimately out-competed, but these years were full of incredible experiences.

Particles & Waves

I think this is a pretty fascinating perspective.

More Info

If you’d like to get in touch, please contact me here.

You can find me right here on my blog, as @nason on GitHub, or on my LinkedIn.

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